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We specialize in remodeling and refinishing your home and office to meet your desires.

Historical Work

With extensive historical registry rehabilitation work, Spagnolo & Pelak, LLC will bring back the history of your home.

Spagnolo & Pelak has a true passion for the original state of historical morals, values, and visions of its founding designers. We work closely with preservation professionals to provide restoration solutions that stabilize and preserve for many years to come. Our experience and knowledge of premium products along with passion for our craft enables us to beautifully restore/preserve your historical project at its best. Spagnolo & Pelak is detail minded because it matters.

We invite you to browse through a few past projects that can give you a glimpse of what we can achieve for you.

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Historical Services

  • Painting, Wall Covering, Staining, & so much more
  • Natural Stone Cleaning, Brick Cleaning, & Preserving
  • Burning & Stripping
  • Patching, Texture Matching, & Color Matching